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CoreX Therapy from Perfect Practice


Enhance your current training program with corrective movement exercises

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To use CoreX Therapy, strap on the belt with its core stability monitor low and snug over your hip bones and perform core training exercises specific to your injury. If you don't maintain your core stability and your body goes out of alignment, the app provides audible or vibration feedback to alert you to correct your movements.


Once you get comfortable with the basic CoreX Therapy functionality, take advantage of these advanced features

Choose degree of measure to fit your level of training

CoreX measures your angle of pelvic tilt during core training exercises. Give yourself a larger range of error when you get started. But as you learn to engage your core and control your pelvic angle, increase the precision of measure to keep your core aligned to maximize your training results!

Use Core X Therapy for multiple users.

Set the name of the athlete using CoreX Therapy and track their core training results across the various exercises. You can also enter additional athletes and track performance across multiple users.

Track athlete’s performance over time.

Take advantage of the CoreX Cloud Service to view graphs of past training results. Available by athlete by exercise, track how your core training performance is improving over time. Trainers can utilize this functionality to review athlete’s at-home training results!


NEW: CoreX Therapy Pro With Bluetooth

Please pardon us while we get our new CoreX Therapy Pro website ready. You can download the new CoreX Therapy Pro app on the App Store, and buy your belt+sensor here for $149.99 USD plus shipping & handling and any applicable sales tax.

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